Generally, I am not an expert at this—healthy lifestyle. As a matter of fact, I struggle with this in different aspects.

As I have aged, my preferences have drastically changed. I used to be the biggest carnivore, regular fast food customer and retail shopping lover. Now, I am all about naturals and organics. This came to me very naturally. Meat isn’t even part of my daily diet anymore. I went through this gradual transition because I learned to really value life—really value it to a point that I’ve become considerate and emphatic of other species. I’ve become very conscious about the consequences of my actions.

Lately, for instance, I live off of no-cook recipes because (1) on-the-go meals are a must for me, and (2) I can’t cook for shit. This I embrace very positively because less carbon emissions, man.

There are many ways to be healthy—I mean it isn’t just about food and exercise. You can take a bath healthily, dress up ethically, and more.

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